Division of Power

Humans and Klethos have reforged their alliance to push back the Grub invaders. Their combined military forces seem to be holding their own through new technology and tactics, but the alliance isn’t the only side making adjustments. The Grubs develop their own new advantage, one that will make them almost unstoppable.

Staff Sergeant Hondo McKeever and Ben, his Klethos Interrecon partner, are tasked with ferreting out the Grubs’ new secret technology. Even if they are able to snatch a sample, will Vice-Minister Skylar Ybarra be able to lead her R&D team to not only make sense of it, but also to develop a countermeasure before the Grubs overrun the galaxy?

Division of Power is Book 3 of the United Federation Marine Corps Grub Wars series, set 80 years after the Lysander Twins series.