Staff Sergeant Gracie Medicine Crow is quickly becoming the most noted sniper in the United Federation Marine Corps if not in all human space. She’s the go-to Marine for the most difficult missions. Not all of these missions are against human targets, and some missions require more than sniper skills.

Gracie is tasked with a “material denial” target, in this case, a BOLO (“Be On The Lookout”). However, the circumstances are such that she will need support getting to the firing point and then exfiltrating, all on a friendly planet. Instead of having a squad of Marines as she would have wished, the powers-that-be decide she needs a SEAL team, the Federation’s ultimate clandestine operators. SEALs are not overly fond of Marines, however, and they resent simply being in a support mode and having a Marine sniper assigned to them take the shot.

Gracie isn’t overly pleased with the situation either, but the mission comes first, and she’ll do her best to accomplish it.